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Bridgewater Condominium

Minneapolis, MN


Overlooking the Mississippi River, a residence for discerning clients whose previous home Lynn Barnhouse had also designed, some years earlier. Moving into larger quarters with a fine collection of art and ethnic artifacts, they wanted to keep most of the furniture and accessories Lynn had helped them choose for their former home, but to be able to display their collection of objects in a more dramatic and meaningful way. Keeping to a modest budget and minimizing disruption from construction of the new space, Barnhouse has created a fulfilling setting for clients who appreciate the process of design and have a discriminating eye for interesting and beautiful things.

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Lake of the Isles Residence

Minneapolis, MN



Cedar Lake Residence

Minneapolis, MN


A classic Art Deco house, renovated with a recent, nearly seamless addition of a third floor. The distinctive architectural style and beautifully preserved period details had a strong influence on the decisions Barnhouse made with respect to the treatment of the building’s architectural finishes. She preserved the essence of the classic pure white interior while integrating the clients’ love of bright colors and an eclectic assortment of art and antiques, among them a Venetian mirror, an ancient Roman portrait bust, and an Eames recliner upholstered in white leather.

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